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for all
I do not really like writing here.Not at all!
I do not like the fact that i am thinking of her all time.She is my nightmare and dream as well.I just do want to be with her,nothing more than that,We spend 2 wonderful years together,promising each other that we ll be forever together,And suddently,one day,just like that,almost with no reason.....left,dissapeared. I feel lonely,for me no other girl can take her place,unrequited love:(
And the worst is,that even i get no mails or anything else from her,i am having her news,common friends and fucken internet.I hate internet.Can't she just dissapear like that?
I know,stupid Jaro,stupid,but that is me. I ll never bear down.NEVER. I just know.But she already did.And i was the 1st that she slept with. She was so cute,innocent,now,not any more:(

What shall i do? I cant work,read,do anything,i am a looser.
I wish i was having a mail from her,nothing more,just a few words,i know that i ll feel nice....

Just a mail baby,lets turn time back....................but it can not be done,i simply know it:(

Maybe i shall visit a psychologist again,but i know that it ll not help,as always!!!!
I hate the net.I can see her thoughts,her moves,everything:(

Better the death,suicide and all ll be over

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Suicide is not a solution…
I were thinking the same way some time ago… when my first girlfriend left me.
Try to understand that she's not only girl in the world…

P.S. sorry for bad english

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