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I feel always better when weather is nice.70F is not bad all:)
I ll sleep for a while,and at morning,i ll go to the beach.I used to like swiming all my life,and thanks god,i can have it here.
I ll go with Elisa,she likes me i guess,or else why did she ask me for?  hmmm
At least she is cute,and i like her body:) We ll fry our skins,anyway,i do not have to much time,i am leaving next week. It ll be a wonderfull feeeling anyway. She is hot in shorts.I adore shorts in girls,make them look more sexy in my eyes.Why i do not like skirts???????????????
Anyway,maybe i should take some photos of us together?  I like my body,takes me hours at gym to keep it feet,especially my abs:( At least it worths it:)
Nevertheless,life goes on,and my life is javing a future,some people do have life,someother do not,and i am one of the 1st one.
Finally,either somebody believes in destiny,Karma,or whatever,you get what you give.


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