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super rider
Well,i finally got it:)
IPAD,ipad,ipad,IPAD, I-P-A-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I havebeen waiting for it for a really long time.But it is so cool.Steve jobs did really great job.This tablet is the dream of everybody,or at least i guess so. It is my new baby,till iphone 4G!

It is similar to iphone 3gs,easy to be handled,you can have access to the net with 108gbit/sec,awesome!^--^
Well,my ex told that it was her dream,she used to like gadgets too.But,well,i got it.
Finally,money rules the world.And thanks god,i got enought:)
I am considering sometimes,all people of my Country,Russsia,majority of them can't even dream about such stuff! And i feel bad.
A few days ago i started chatting throught ICQ with a girl from Moscow.She send me some photos....She is really so nice.I will buy one more Ipad,and i ll send it to her:) As she wrote,she does like gadgets too.Her one and only prob is that there is not still a russian version of it,but i guees,there 'll be one soon!
I ll meet her if i ll find a team at Europe,for sure.Thanks got she is pretty beautiful,and well,tall too!
I never did believe that i would ever like a girl from Russia.But well,she is....amazing????? HE-HE!!!!

I also have some offers in my hands from European teams,but i guess that i have to wait a bit more.Wait,never be in a hurry,patience brings the happynesss:)
Who wrote it,i do not remember,but i like it! And for me,a clear contract of 2 milion$ clean,is ok!
I still got some money from scholaship,i ll get some new clothes,and a new motorcycle.A harley maybe?Can't make up my mind.But life is so nice if you have money:)
And a wonderful future is waiting for me.I know it.I 'll keep on living,keep on dating,even if i have to pretend that i can love another girl,sex is always nice.
And besides my height,yep,i am handsome:)



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