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never fall in love again,it hurts:)
I am feeling so nervous ans anxious:(..........I believe that there is no cure,I split up,no,SHE broke up with me,she left me.
And she did not even say a word,not even a sms,just to explain something,a reason,an occure,a fake explanation,just something damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I probably new it from the beggining,from the very 1st look,by the 1st kiss,that i would be never nothing more thabn a habbit.Friends are telling me that it is much better for me,she is just a crazy bitch with psycho probs.But even if they are right,i just can't control my heart,my feelings,my ego. I LOVE HER.Whatever she may be,whatever i might be,i used to be with her,listen her sweet voice,make her smile,a shiny laugh at LiI central park,happy voices,and a french kiss as a reward.She used to tell me,that i am her life,can't live without me,and i belived her.
I was dreaming that if i wouldn't make it to enter in NBA,i would find a team in Europe,they pay well,and she would come with me.
She had promised me so.........."""i ll be with you till the end of life""
Is there somewhere really love?Not just sex,not a simple date,only pure stuff,feelings,romance, a forever hug?
Stupid,that's what i am..............I ll never trust a female again,except my cat!!!!
One and only that loves me.I ll take it everywhere,to Europe,a traveling kitty!
What shall i do to forget her?Can't stant pain, god,is there real love expecting for me somewhere,is there?

I have to forget,Europe ll help me,French and Italian girls are the best,sweet,cute,maybe................
Or what?

Heaven help me,to forget and find real love!

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Desperation and dissapointment are bad advisers. just be paient and the time will move everything in appropriate places. And you'll fall in love again and again, it will be brighter then previous one.learn to trust again - it's more difficult then to outlast THIS LOVE

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